A Word From the “Shiny, New, Chapter President”

Hi Everyone!

I am Debbie Mullikin or djm if you have gotten an email from me. I am your Shiny, New, Chapter President of NTEU73. I have big plans for the chapter. I have discussed my goals with your shiny, new Executive Board.  Over the next three years, we plan to work on some efficiencies in grievance handling and time reporting.  We will be building membership, so if you aren’t a member expect to be asked to join.  If you are a member and you sign someone up you could receive $80 during the summer membership campaign. We will rewrite the Chapter Bylaws, please watch for a Chapter Meeting Notice for this as you will be asked to vote for the changes.  It is, after all, your Chapter as much as it is mine! We will be ramping up our legislative and grassroots activity.  Our pay and benefits matter!

In addition, we have invited some familiar folks to join us in our quest to improve.  Jackie Huff is a Retiree Steward for the chapter, Pat Breitenstein will be assisting with some ramp down issues and helping with MEPS.  Based on her schedule, Heather Phillips may be around. Rick has agreed to assist in the Consolidation Room. I sincerely hope that working together, we can be a better organization. Please check Facebook at Official NTEU Chapter 73 page.  Check our website at NTEU73.org and sign up for our emails via the Facebook page. We want to keep you in the know!