Organizing Mission

With experience representing federal employees since 1938, NTEU is widely known as a smart, tough and well-respected organization that is determined to represent employees before federal agencies, Congress and in the courts to protect and promote their rights.

oldnteuSince its earliest days, NTEU has been driven by the principle that every federal employee should be treated with dignity and respect and has grown to represent some 150,000 bargaining unit employees in 31 federal agencies and departments. NTEU’s hallmark is professional, job-site representation. Our members are represented by dedicated, highly-trained leaders at their workplaces. NTEU provides an effective voice for federal employees on Capitol Hill, at the White House, in the courts and with the media.

The union’s Organizing Department handles inquiries from federal employees regarding NTEU representation. Assuming there is sufficient interest on the part of employees at a given agency, NTEU works with our supporters in the workplace to build on that interest with the goal of petitioning the Federal Labor Relations Authority for a union election to elect NTEU as the exclusive representative in the workplace.

2015_ConventionLogos-09During an election, NTEU organizers work as a team with agency employees to communicate the benefits of NTEU representation. E-mail NTEU with questions.

If you and your co-workers are interested in comprehensive workplace contracts that ensure fair evaluations and a fair merit promotion process; collaborative participation in the decision-making process; and expert job site representation in grievances, arbitration, local negotiations, and more, you will be interested in NTEU. If you and your co-workers want a union that ensures federal employees have a strong, effective workplace advocate, you will want NTEU.

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