Admin time for bad weather!!!

Admin time for bad weather:

  • Call your manager as soon as you see a problem reporting to work. If that is 5 A.M.  so be it.    leave a Voice Mail. (Watching the news doesn’t count.)
  • Tell your manager the problem you are having. E tree down at the bottle neck of your cul de sac, (Who lives on a cul de sac, anyway? ~ Gary Ewing) sidewalk too icy to get to car, etc.
  • Tell your manager how you are trying to fix the problem or why you can’t. E. Disability, can’t shovel snow due to heart condition called lawn care company to help. blind so I really shouldn’t drive at all, Bus not running, called cab they said, “not today.” not my property but I called the maintenance staff (I think I could hear laughing in the background). They should be here anytime, now.
  • I have shoveled my drive and part of the road but my TransAm just can’t get up the rest of the road. I called the road dept.  They said they would be here about 10:30 I should be there around 11:15.
  • Tell your manager when you expect to arrive at work. Do Not Say “I’m not gonna make it in.”  Or, “I am sick.”  Unless you want to use your own leave!
  • Take pictures of the problem. LOTS of pics. (Don’t post the ones of you tubing down your driveway, please.)
  • Call your manager again when you near the ETA you provided in the first call if you are not going to make that goal.
  • Tell them again what the problem is and how you are trying to fix it. I.E. I slid backward on my road, I called the Roads department to clear the road and put down salt. (I think the lady said something about that TransAM shouldn’t be on the road after November anyway, but I am not sure.)
  • Give a new ETA. (This should not be “sometime in late May.”)
  • Repeat h-k until end of tod or manager tells you to stop bothering her.
  • When you come in to work, fill out a 10837

At no point in this process, should you tell your manager, post on FB, Tweet, Instagram, Snapchat or otherwise communicate “I ain’t risking my life for that $41t hole.”  It will inevitably come back to bite you.

Remember if you request Annual, Sick, Credit, Annual in lieu of Sick, Comp or LWOP, you will get that type of leave and you will not be able to get admin leave, because you were on scheduled leave or you were too sick to come in, per your own words!

If your manager tells you that she can’t grant admin, and that you will be given AWOL or LWOP if you don’t request paid leave, tell her you are requesting annual until a decision can be made by an upper level manager on your admin request.  Do not mumble, “Then why do you exist.”  It will not go over well.

United We Bargain, Divided We Beg!