Admin time isn’t just for snow!!

Article 36 of the parties National Agreement covers emergency situations such as the wrecks on the highways this morning.

Section 15 (A) says in part, “An emergency situation is one which is general rather than personal in scope and impact.

Paragraph (B) continues with “The Employer has determined that if the emergency conditions described above exist and prevent an employee from arrival at work and the post-of-duty is not closed, the employee will be granted excused absence for absence from work for a part or all of the employee’s workday upon providing the Employer with reasonably acceptable documentation that the employee made reasonable efforts to reach work, but that emergency conditions prevented timely arrival.”

The onus here is on the employee to provide documentation that supports:

  1. the fact that the employee lives beyond the normal commuting area;
  2. the mode of transportation normally used by the employee;
  3. efforts taken by the employee to come to work;
  4. the success of other similarly-situated employees;
  5. any physical disability of the employee; and
  6. any local travel restrictions.

If the employee requests less than 4 hours of admin the Employer may, at its option, waive the need for the above documentation.

On days like today, 59 minutes should suffice.  So, there shouldn’t need to be documentation but just in case there is:

  1. The fact that the employee lives beyond the normal commuting area;Where you live obviously matters as to how you were impacted by the wrecks so you will need to tell your manager so they can google map it and figure out whether you could have avoided the mess.
  1. The mode of transportation normally used by the employee; If you were stuck on a bus in that mess, you had no way to fix it.
  1. Efforts taken by the employee to come to work; This would be alternate routes, left early, took a helicopter, walked but it took longer than google said it would because google didn’t consider I am 56 with a bad knee.
  1. The success of similarly situated employees; If your spouse comes to work at the same time as you, you normally ride together but this time you couldn’t stand to be in the car with him/her, but s/he got here on time and you didn’t, well, NO ADMIN FOR YOU!
  1. Any physical disability of the employee;  This might apply if the disability causes you to take public transportation and the buses were running late due to traffic.  Or because you have a bad knee and couldn’t walk/bike all the way to Covington from Walton.
  1. Local Travel Restriction;  If the police blocked the entrance to 75 you normally use and you don’t know how to use google maps to find a different way….maybe.  (maybe not)

If you telework and today was not your in the office day—NO ADMIN FOR YOU!

If you followed all the rules and were still denied admin, please, let us know.  We like these kinds of cases!

If you are not a member, we will still help you.  YES! We will ask you to join.  We think it’s the smartest job decision to make.  Plus, you could get $80 for signing up.

Have a great day!