Events Planned for Employees at IRS

NTEU73 will be having a series of events in order to make the transition of the closing more palatable for employees.
Stewards Tommie Braswell and Tanesha McCants have been working to organize events that will help employees be prepared for a search for employment inside and outside the IRS.

Among the events being planned are as follows:

  • Fifth/Third Bank will be conducting a job fair in the coming weeks for employees in the Fourth Street Center who may be displaced due to the Submission Processing Consolidation. Fifth/Third will be hiring a number of people and is willing to recruit from here at the IRS.
  • Cincinnati State will be coming to put a presentation about continuing education with their program. Gateway was here in January and described classes that employees can take which are very affordable and which can be done online. Cincinnati State will be giving their presentation soon.
  • Cinfed will be offering some classes on Financial Planning for employees.
    United Benefits has been setting up regularly in the cafeteria to help employees with their retirement, among other things. Roxie and Paul Thornton and Jim and Karen Ragan have been busy helping people through the retirement process. Many people will be retiring prior to the closing of Submission Processing.
  • Will Kohler and Tanesha McCants will be offering one-on-one help with navigating through the USA Jobs site. This will inform employees about how to search and put in for government jobs, both in the IRS and at other agencies.
  • Finally, the Brighten Center is applying for a grant on behalf of IRS workers in order to provide classes on such things as Microsoft skills, resume writing and other programs to help employees be better prepared to apply for outside jobs if the need arises.

“We have been working hard to get these programs and make them available,” said Tommie Braswell, who is coordinating the effort for NTEU73. “We are hoping that a lot of employees take advantage of these opportunities. We are doing everything we can to make sure people get these advantages.”