Fiscal Year 2015 NPAA Award Pools

March 25, 2016

TO: IRS Chapter Presidents

RE: IRS (Service-wide) — National Grievance — Changes to FY 15 Award Pools

SUMMARY:  NTEU has filed a national grievance against the IRS for its unilateral changes to the Fiscal Year 2015 NPAA Award Pools.
NTEU has filed the attached national grievance against the IRS as a result of its unilateral implementation of changes to the Appendix A award pools for fiscal year (FY) 2015 without first bargaining those changes with NTEU.  NTEU alleged that the agency’s unilateral changes to the award pools constitute a violation of Articles 18 and 47 of the 2016 National Agreement, the parties’ January 22, 2013 NPAA Memorandum of Understanding and Side Letter Concerning NPAA Appendix A Pool Changes, and constitutes an unfair labor practice in violation of
5 U.S.C. §§ 7116(a)(1) and (5).

NTEU has requested that the IRS:  (1) immediately cease and desist from violating the 2016 National Agreement, the NPAA agreements and the statute; (2) provide a make whole remedy to any bargaining unit employee adversely impacted by the unilateral changes, including recalculation of any award they would have been entitled to receive but for the unilateral implementation; (3) post a notice stating the agency has committed an unfair labor practice;
(4) pay NTEU its reasonable attorney’s fees; and (5) any other appropriate remedies.

If you have any questions concerning this national grievance, please contact Anna Gnadt, National Negotiator, via e-mail at
Anthony M. Reardon



National President



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