Frequently Asked Questions

COVID Leave and Childcare Subsidy

Q. If I am feeling sick after my Covid vaccine, is there leave I can take?  Do I have to use my own leave?

A. The time code 990-85540, Administrative Leave for COVID-19 Vaccination Recovery, can be used.  This time code can be used up to 2 workdays for recovery per dose if unable to work. This only Requires self-certification. This leave is only to recover from the COVID-19 vaccination; proof of vaccination is required.

Q.  Is there a time code to use for my booster for COVID?

A. 990-85541, Administrative Leave for COVID-19 Booster and/or Recovery. Requires self- certification that leave will be used to get COVID-19 booster and/or recover from the booster.

Q. Can I get admin time to take my kids to get a Covid Vaccination?

A.  990-85545, Administrative Leave to Accompany a Family Member Getting COVID-19 Vaccination or Booster. Up to 4 hours for each dose of vaccine or booster (per family member).

Q. While the federal government is not enforcing the vaccine mandate, may I take any admin leave, if I decide to get vaccinated anyway?

Yes, employees who seek any authorized dose of a COVID-19 vaccination during work hours (including primary series doses, authorized boosters, and authorized additional doses), should be granted administrative leave of up to four-hours for any-non-required primary series COVID-19 vaccination. The Texas Court’s decision on the vaccine mandate does not change your entitlement to admin leave for vaccination purposes.

Q.  Are there any updates on the Daycare Subsidy at this time?

No, the IRS continues to work with the third-party vendor on finalizing the implementation of the Childcare Subsidy and does not have any updates for NTEU at this time. We will share additional information to members as soon as we received them from the Agency.

Q. My manager stopped me at lunch and said that she seen on my Facebook that my husband keeps posting political things on my page. Does the Hatch Act apply to him?

A. No, the Hatch Act only applies to active federal government employees. This means that spouses and other members of an employee’s family may engage in all forms of partisan political activities.  It may just be a good idea to remove your manager from your Facebook or make your profile private.

Shannon Lovins