From the Desk of the President

I and the staff and stewards of NTEU73 want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, and successful New Year. In looking back over the last year, I can see where NTEU nationally and locally have had great success for our members. NTEU, when all the other organizations gave up, continued to push for a higher pay raise. The pay raise this year will be the best in 8 years. NTEU will continue to fight for better pay raises in the future. NTEU continues the fight for work life and your private life balance. We only work to provide for our families and what good is that if we can’t enjoy our families more? NTEU73 is leading the nation in winning Telework for its members. Although Telework may not be for everyone, it does provide those that can work it more time with their families. NTEU73 is pushing the envelope on that and in 2017 it appears there is going to be a large success on the Telework front.

NTEU has pushed for a larger budget for the IRS and because of that, there have been more hiring on 2016 than in recent years. If you are a new hire, it is because NTEU fought for the funding for those jobs.

If you are in an area with new hires, I know you think it is a blessing to have some help as the IRS has lost thousands of employees in the last few years. NTEU will continue to fight for more funding for the IRS so that we are properly staffed. Chapter 73 is currently fighting for more jobs to come here as Submission Processing is ramping down on September 30, 2019.

I have met with Senator McConnell’s local staff and I have met with Congressman Thomas Massie. Both have pledged their help to Chapter 73. I am in continuous contact with Congressman Massie’s office working on ideas to get new work here. Until I can find work for everyone here, I won’t stop. This New Year brings lots of opportunities for all of us. I am looking forward to working with each and every one of the members.

We have had several lunch time meetings with employees to hear their concerns, and we will continue to do this. The Christmas luncheon allowed us to talk with employees all over the service center. We received so many compliments, but we also got to talk to employees we never get a chance to talk with about their issues. I’m looking forward to continuing this and to change more things so that we can reach every member, every event, and every time.
Happy New Year!