House Passes Short-term CR

This afternoon, the House of Representatives approved a two-week continuing resolution that would keep the government open through Dec. 22.

This is the first step to full passage. The Senate must still approve the legislation and the president must sign it. Right now, funding runs out at midnight Friday evening.

NTEU will continue to share news as this bill moves through the Senate and to the White House.

“I have been urging Congress to act to avert a shutdown and today’s vote is a step in the right direction,” said National President Tony Reardon. “However, this constant funding turmoil is harmful for federal agencies and stressful for federal employees. Assuming the two-week CR passes, I urge Congress to use the next two weeks to settle funding for the remainder of the fiscal year. Veering from one CR to the next, is bad for the country and leaves employees unsure about their next paychecks.”

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