IRS And NTEU Agree to Start Processing Voluntary Relocation Applications

We are pleased to inform you that NTEU has agreed to allow IRS to start processing voluntary relocations for those who have applied to the current announcement, as opposed to waiting until the closing date of July 20, 2022, in order to maximize voluntary relocations as close to the start of Phase 2 of the Return to Office. 

Below is the language IRS and NTEU have agreed to:

In accordance with Article 15, Section 6 of the 2022 National Agreement, bargaining unit employees may apply for a voluntary relocation after January 20 and up through July 20. The parties agree, on a one-time-only/non-precedential basis, that applications for voluntary relocations submitted or updated after January 20, 2022, will be processed, and employees realigned, in accordance with Section 6.D for all vacant positions opening on or after June 24, 2022, and through the remainder of the calendar year. In addition, the Employer has discretion to grant voluntary relocations for this same period (on or after June 24, 2022,) under the Article 15, Section 7 process (i.e., Voluntary Relocations by Realignment Within a Division). In accordance with Article 15, Section 6, no applications for voluntary relocations will be accepted after July 20 for this calendar year. All other conditions of Article 15 remain in effect.

Additional information about voluntary relocation is available on the IRS Source.

(Submitted by HCO – Human Capital Office)