IRS Data Book Records Steady Drop in IRS Workforce Numbers

Wednesday, March 30 2016

Washington, D.C.—Today’s release of the 2015 IRS Data Book details the loss of 17,600 fulltime Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees since 2010, more evidence of how continued underfunding of the IRS erodes its ability to serve taxpayers.

The annual publication shows that permanent IRS staffing fell from 92,148 in fiscal 2010 to 74,580 in 2015, a 19 percent decline in staffing. At the same time, the number of returns filed grew by more than 10 million from 153 million in 2010 to 163 million in 2015.

“Without an infusion of funding, the health of the IRS will continue to decline,” said NTEU National President Tony Reardon. “The ongoing deterioration of the IRS workforce prevents the IRS from offering the level of service taxpayers deserve, from aggressively curbing tax fraud and from effectively enforcing tax laws authored by Congress.”

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