Kris Beach is Good Manager of the Month

Kris Beach is the NTEU73 Good Manager of the Month for June. Kris works in Receipt & Control Deposit in the teller unit.
Kris’s employees gave many great compliments on her management style:

“Kris is always willing to work with her employees and give them the support and training they need to do there jobs,” said one employee in her unit. “She is very fair with every one of her employees. She is always cheerful and brings the team’s morale up with her happy personality.”

“Kris is about doing the work correct and timely, following the rules and being accountable for your own actions,” said another. “She is always professional when interacting with people. She has integrity and pride in all she does and expects the same from her employees.”

“Kris is an outstanding manager because she listens to her employees when they have concerns,” added another person from the unit. “She is willing to try new ideas and different things that may better the unit. She truly cares for her unit and always goes above and beyond.”

“I appreciate the fact that Kris has the patience and takes the time to explain changes that occur in our department,” said Tom Tyson, one of her employees.

“I have worked with Kris for some time in Florence Files and now here in Covington,” added Opal Stewart. “Kris is fair, helpful and wants everyone to get ahead and succeed. Her door in always open to everyone.”

“Kris always promotes a positive attitude and is willing to help employees advance,” agrees Frank Tatum.

“Kris Beach provides an excellent workplace environment,” commented Kevin Dyhouse. “She always has a positive attitude and stepped up to supervise two teams during peak season. I came over on a detail and have enjoyed having her as a manager. Best manager ever.”

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