negotiated benefit for bargaining unit employees of the IRS.

The IRS has provided NTEU National Office with the FY 2017 bargaining unit NPAA awards data, yesterday.  They have begun breaking the data down by chapter and individual, so chapters can easily review it once it has been uploaded to the National NTEU web site.  National Office will notify the Chapters as soon as the awards data has been uploaded and is accessible on the NTEU web site.  It is not currently available to the Chapters; so, we can’t look up individual member awards, at this time.  National has also begun analyzing the awards data (computations of total bargaining unit salaries, the 1% of total BUE salaries that is required to be allocated, bilingual awards offset, share values, etc.) to determine whether the awards funding is accurate and consistent with the requirements of Article 18.

NPAA performance awards are supposed to be paid on December 7, 2017.  The information Bargaining Unit Employees are receiving in their HRConnect and Earning and Leave Statements may or may not be correct at this time.  We have raised the issue of the $10 award to National.  They are working with the Service to correct that now.  If yours is incorrect and is other than $10 please let us know immediately so we can address it within contractual timeframes.  If it’s $10 please let us know if it is not corrected by December 7th, 2017.

This benefit brought to you by NTEU!

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