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Inside this Issue: April 5, 2016

Top Stories: Employee Survey Launches this Month
Headlines: IRS Workforce Has Dropped 15 Percent Since 2010
Get Involved: NTEU Works For Fair Pay
New on NTEU.org: Thinking about a New Home?

Employee Survey Launches this Month
In late April, the Office of Personnel Management will begin its annual survey of federal employees.
SurveyThe Federal Employees Viewpoint Survey (FEVS)  asks employees for their views on their work, their agency, their supervisors, their senior leaders, their job satisfaction and work life programs such as telework.
NTEU is urging employees to take the survey and outline both the positive and the negative aspects of your work life. This survey offers workers a chance to weigh in on the impact of inadequate pay raises, budget cuts, lack of promotional opportunities, increased workloads and management actions on your work life.
Each year, survey results demonstrate how committed federal employees are and how seriously they take their work. The survey also measures employee satisfaction—or dissatisfaction—across government.
The survey is voluntary and confidential. It should take about 25 minutes to complete and can be done during a work day. Results will be released in the fall.

IRS Data Book Shows Declining Workforce       
Yet another confirmation of the serious decline in the number of employees at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) even as the workload increases came with the release of the annual IRS Data Book.
The document details the loss of 17,600 fulltime IRS employees since 2010. At the same time, the number of returns filed grew by 10 million from 153 million in 2010 to 163 million in 2015. Overall, permanent IRS staffing fell from 92,148 in fiscal 2010 to 74,580 in Downward2015, a 19 percent decline.
“The ongoing deterioration of the IRS workforce prevents the IRS from offering the level of service taxpayers deserve and hurts efforts to investigate tax fraud and identity theft,” said NTEU President Tony Reardon.
NTEU supports the White House’s proposed budget for 2017 which would give the IRS $12.28 billion—an increase of about $1 billion over the current level—so the IRS can ramp up its customer service operations and begin rebuilding its workforce.

Reardon Speaks At NCUA Meeting
President Tony Reardon yesterday addressed employees of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) at the agency’s annual meeting in Denver. NTEU has been representing bargaining unit ReadonSpeaksemployees at NCUA since 2004.
He thanked retiring NCUA Chair Debbie Matz for working with NTEU to improve the pay and benefits of NCUA employees and said he hopes to continue the collaborative relationship with new leadership. Since NTEU began its work at NCUA, employees have seen vast improvements to many areas of their work lives.
Given that large numbers of employees spend time on the road reviewing and auditing the health of credit unions, Reardon told attendees that continuing to improve travel benefits is a key goal.

Chapter Leaders Gather Leaders and stewards from Chapter 68 (IRS Andover Campus) and Chapter 47 (IRS Manhattan) took part last week in a national training event and took some time out to show their NTEU pride.

Chapter 47
Chapter 47
Chapter 68
Chapter 68

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