NTEU Has Saved You Thousands of Dollars

Money Header 1Members of Congress have recently proposed legislation that would cost federal employees and retirees thousands of dollars each year. NTEU’s legislative efforts on Capitol Hill have been successful in stopping them.

Congressional Proposal Potential Impact on Employees Per Year
H. Con. Res. 125 (T. Price, GA-16) would have required federal employees to contribute roughly 6% more of their salaries toward their retirement, with no increase in benefits A GS-9, Step 1 employee’s take home pay reduction to cover the increased pension contributions = 2,500
H. Con. Res. 125 (T. Price, GA-16) would also have capped the government’s share of FEHBP premiums at the rate of inflation rather than the current amounts that reflect the actual cost of premium increases FEHBP premium increase for an employee enrolled in BCBS Standard Family Plan = $3,800
H.R. 1230 (B. Westerman, AR-4) would calculate retirement benefits based on the average of the highest five years of an employee’s salary versus the current highest three Pension benefit loss for a GS-9 FERS covered employee = $485
H.R. 22 (R. Davis, IL-13) passed by Congress in 2015 considered lowering the TSP’s G Fund’s rate of return as a way to help fund the measure Average FERS employee’s TSP account loss = $2,800
Total Annual Pay and Retirement Losses Stopped by NTEU = $9,585

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