NTEU National President Tony Reardon to Visit

NTEU National President Tony Reardon has been scheduled to visit the Covington Campus on February 1, 2016. Mr. Reardon last visited the Fourth Street Center on the morning after the shutdown was announced and at that time promised to return when he knew more about the IRS’s plans. The National President is coming in response to an invitation from NTEU73 President Rick Riley.

Tony’s last visit to the CIRSC Campus

While the exact schedule is not set as this goes to print, plans are being made to include both day and swing shift with opportunities to meet with Mr. Reardon, hear his message and ask questions.
NTEU National Office has been very active on the issue of Submission Processing Consolidation since the announcement of the closing of three centers, with Cincinnati being the first, scheduled to close in October 2019.

When Mr. Reardon last visited, he had literally just become aware of the IRS plans and had virtually no information about it. But he drove to Covington from Chicago the morning after the announcement to show his support of the employees here.

Mr. Reardon is in his second year as NTEU National President, taking over for the retiring long time President Colleen Kelley.

“We are always happy to have the National President visit, but it is even more important now, with the vital issue we have facing us,” said Mr. Riley.

NTEU and the IRS will be negotiating issue involving the shut-down and trying to come up with mitigating strategies in order to lessen the impact on employees.

“Tony is a tireless worker and is totally on our side on this. I am really looking forward to his visit,” added Mr. Riley “It should be very enlightening to get information based on the national perspective.”