NTEU to Lobby Congress in Washington

NTEU’s Legislative Advisory Committee met January 9 in Washington, D.C., to recommend the union’s priorities for the 115th Congress.

This meeting was in preparation for the 2017 NTEU Legislative Conference, in which NTEU representatives across the country fan out across the capital to lobby Congress about federal employee issues.

NTEU73 will have four representatives talking to area Congressmen and Senators during the conference.

NTEU73 President Rick Riley, NTEU National Vice President Debbie Mullikin, Director of Communications Jeff Seibert and Swing Shift Steward Jim Gregory will be lobbying on employee’s behalf. NTEU National Office sets up appointments for the groups.

The NTEU Advisory Committee set priority items to be discussed. They include fair pay, workplace fairness, protecting retirement, affordable health care and accomplishing agency missions.

While he has already been in contact with area representatives, NTEU73 President Rick Riley will add the closing of the Submission Processing Center to the legislative agenda.
“It is a perfect opportunity to put this issue in front of the people who can do something about it,.” Mr. Riley said.. “I will have written material ready to give them. We are working this issue hard as a chapter.”

The Chapter will also deliver letters signed by the employees to the Senators and Congressmen who have not yet gotten them.

“We still have a big stack of letters from their constituents to give to Senators Portman, Paul and Brown,” Mr. Riley continued. “We need to make sure they understand that many people who vote for them and their families are watching this issue. We are seeking funding and alternate plans, including bringing other work here to help the situation. We have already gotten lot of positive response and the legislative conference with give us another opportunity!”