NTEU73 Financial Audit Done

NTEU73 recently had another audit done on the Chapter books and all is well.

The Chapter has an audit done annually by an independent auditor. This is the fourth audit done since the election of NTEU73 President Rick Riley.

The audit was done by Accountant Melody Walsh (no relation to the NTEU73 Vice President Karen Walsh). Ms. Walsh issued a report for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2016.

“The Chapter has continued to improve its record keeping and is doing an excellent job of verifying and classifying expenditures,” Ms. Walsh wrote. “The only area that could use improvement is the gift cards and gifts that were given out. Some form of documentation should be done to track the items purchased and to whom given.”

These gift cards were given out at various union events in drawings for members.  NTEU73 Treasury Laura Mitchell has already instituted improvements in the record keeping in that regard.

“I was very pleased with the audit,” said Ms. Mitchell. “I work hard to make absolutely sure everything is in the best order possible. I am fully aware of how important it is.”

Copies of the full report are available for inspection in the union offices.