NTEU73 President Holds Meeting for Night Shift About Consolidation

A huge crowd showed up on swing shift to meet with NTEU73 President Rick Riley and NTEU Attorney Will Igoe regarding information about the coming shut down of Submission Processing. About 15 members signed up in advance for a free lunch, but when the meeting began more than fifty employees came.

Employees had many questions about the future.

Among other things, Attorney Will Igoe discussed USA jobs and the hiring process within IRS. One tip was for employees to apply both internally and externally. Sometimes, an employee can be hired externally when they are ineligible internally, so it is best to put in two applications for each job.

Many employees complained about the difficulty of using USA Jobs. The union will be offering courses, in conjunction with management, that will help people navigate the USA Jobs site.

Rick Riley updated everyone on the efforts that are being made with Congressmen and Senators.

“I think it was one of the best employee meetings we have had, especially because of the turn out,” said Mr. Riley. “I am going to make sure I get back to swing shift more often.”

“I want to thank you Rick, Jeff and Will coming out to us here on night shift and for making the Meet and Greet happen for all the departments left here in the flat top as it meant a lot to all of us,” Steward Debbie Stoeffel wrote after the meeting. “I thought it was uplifting for our members as well as the few nonmembers that sat in on the meeting. You gave our members a better outlook at ways they can better prepare over the next months as the ramp down comes nearer. Letting members know you will assist them in acquiring knowledge to maneuver in and around the USA Jobs application process, knowledge in seeking training and skills that may help with building and writing their resumes, and potential job fairs in the future was a big help. Plus discussing the CTAP letters, the buy outs and early retirements some members may want to consider.”