NTEU73 Steward Spotlight – February

Lori Riedinger

Jan Colwell

Tanesha McCants

Lori has worked for the IRS for 5 years, the last 9 months in TEGE in the flat top.  She has been a steward since last September.
“I have a lot of respect for NTEU and its mission,” she says. “NTEU has helped employees on a local and national level in many ways and is actively fighting to help us all transition through the shutdown in the most fair and effective way possible.”
Lori has worked many cases and occasionally helps out in the union office and on special projects.
 Jan started her IRS career in 1989. She has been a clerk, tax examiner, acting work leader, instructor, and has written ELMS courses. She is currently a Financial Technician in Innocent Spouse.  Just last year, they were able to begin teleworking from home.
“The Union fought so that I could work from home,” she says. “They continue to work for me in Congress so I get raises and awards…  I have had the honor of working with an experienced team of NTEU leadership that cares about its members and stewards.”
Tanesha works in Accounts Management as a CSR. She has worked at the IRS for 3 years and been a  steward since May, 2016.
“Having a strong union equals a strong work force and that is why NTEU is important,” she says. “I believe the union plays a vital role in ensuring that employee’s rights are protected.
“My father worked as a union steward. Fighting for others is something that has always been instilled in me. I love being a steward. I like making a difference.” love to see others succeed.