NTEU73 Steward Spotlight – January

Shannon Lovins Julia Wiley

Shannon Lovins

Krystal Lear

Julia Wiley

Shannon has been working for the IRS for about 7 years, starting in 2010. Last year she started working in ICO.  She became a steward about a year ago and has been very active.

“Being a steward may not always be as easy as people think,” Shannon says. “It can be rewarding at times.  Being a steward in the CIRSC  has given me the opportunity to see how the service center is actually ran.”

Shannon helps organize union events as part of her union duties.

Krystal started with the IRS in February 2009 in Receipt and Control.    A relatively new steward, she has been an NTEU73 steward since August of last year.

“I became a steward  because in the past few years I have helped out with new employees,” Krystal said. “I liked the idea of being able to help other people, not just new seasonal workers.”

An up-and-comer, Krystal handles cases and occasionally helps out in the Flat Top union office.

Julia has been a long time employee and steward, putting in over 30 years as both.

She has been a full time fixture in the Gateway union office for many years and is serving her fifth term as the Chapter Secretary. She has served during three different union administrations.

“There were a lot of ‘ups and downs’ as far as bring a steward is concerned,” she says. “But I always try to keep whom ever comes to that door calm.”Julia plans to retire later in the year.