NTEU73 Stewards Working for the Members

Your NTEU Stewards work for you, and are available if not in person, by phone or email. There are multiple stewards located in most Cincinnati IRS Center location. Here is a list of stewards manning the current NTEU73 offices:


  • Chapter President Rick Riley
  • Vice President/Chief Steward Karen Walsh
  • National Vice President Debbie Mullikin
  • Chief of Staff Steve Clark
  • Secretary Julia Wiley
  • Stewards Sarah Corea and Debbie Mullikin
  • Night Shift Chief Steward Bill Dreier
  • Night Shift Steward Julie Orick

Fourth Street Center (Flat-top):

  • Stewards Tommie Braswell, Michelle Robinson, and Jim Gregory (Night Shift).
  • Treasurer Laura Mitchell
  • Director of Communications, Office Manager Jeff Seibert

If you have any issues or concerns, call an NTEU73 office at 859-669-5700 or 859-669-5370.

Jan Colwell has worked several cases in Florence Files and Innocent Spouse.

Sarah Corea helped an employee with an AWOL case.

Nicole Guethlein has worked a tax compliance case for an employee representing them in a TIGTA meeting. She has also solved several cases regarding AWOL, reassignments and bullying.

Will Kohler closed a case involving harassment of an employee. He also helped an employee with a promotion package and solved an FMLA case.

Tonya Morris had 2 charges of AWOL changed to LWOP.
She also had a memo removed from an employee’s drop file.

Michelle Robinson has helped an employee with a security issue. Also other employees with issues regarding furlough and leave. She closed over 13 cases in the month of January!

Jeff Seibert handled a TIGTA case for an employee regarding improper computer access in which the employee was cleared of wrongdoing.