President Reardon Calls for Congressional Hearings

National President Tony Reardon sent a letter to key congressional leaders requesting congressional hearings on the premium rate surge for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLCTIP).

Tony - In CongressThese price hikes not only jeopardize enrollees’ ability to continue current coverage, but endanger the future of the entire program. Federal employees and retirees in the program only have until Sept. 30 to assess their medical needs, far too short of a time frame. The majority of the 274,000 enrollees can expect to experience surges.

The letter was sent to the chairs and ranking members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Current long-term care enrollees will receive a detailed package in the mail, offering the options of the higher premiums or reduced premiums that result in lower coverage levels. If enrollees do not take any action, they will simply be charged a higher rate. Learn more online at or toll-free with a trained long-term care customer service representative at 1-800-582-3337.

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