Shutdown Ends 17-Day CR Includes NTEU Language on Pay

Earlier today, the Senate voted on and approved a new three-week continuing resolution (CR) funding the government through Feb. 8. The House quickly followed suit and approved the CR as well. The president is expected to sign the measure, bringing the shutdown to an end. 

NTEU-supported language ensuring that all federal employees will be paid was included in the final bill. That means that no employee will be financially harmed due to a shutdown they didn’t create. The language directs that all employees receive their pay quickly.

Federal agencies are expected to be open and fully operational tomorrow, but you should follow the specific guidance from your agency on returning to work following a lapse in appropriations.

While ending this shutdown is good news, NTEU believes that Congress should stop the attacks on employees and reach agreement on funding for the entire fiscal year that provides adequate resources for federal agencies.

This shutdown has caused unnecessary confusion and anxiety for the federal workforce. While the shutdown is over, NTEU’s work on this issue is not. Our goal on Capitol Hill is to ensure what happened this past weekend is not repeated and that we don’t jump to another short-term spending bill. We will continue to press for a stable, steady year-long budget agreement that provides agencies with adequate resources so that you can do your important work for the country.