Shutdown in Effect

Shutdown in Effec
NTEU Leader Underscores Need for Back Pay

Once again, you and the American public are bearing the brunt of a government shutdown. The ongoing threats of a government shutdown became a reality last night as Congress failed to pass a continuing resolution. This is an anxious time for federal employees, and NTEU is making sure that Congress and the American public understand that you are unwitting victims in this political standoff.

NTEU’s main focus is making sure federal employees are paid when the shutdown ends. Many of you have been tapped as exempt from the furlough and are expected to work not knowing when you will be paid for that work. Others have been sent home and told to stay there until the shutdown ends. You will not be paid at all unless Congress acts on NTEU-supported legislation.

We have a number of lawmakers working to make that happen. Today, National President Tony Reardon had a conference call with seven of them: Sens. Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Reps. Anthony Brown, John Delaney, Jamie Raskin and Dutch Ruppersberger. During that call, President Reardon thanked them for their leadership on this issue and emphasized how important it is that you and other federal employees are not financially harmed because the government closed.

These lawmakers are all sponsors or co-sponsors of pending bills that would require agencies to pay those furloughed once the government re-opens, and to pay those who have been working as quickly as possible once funding is enacted. Other key lawmakers who introduced or are sponsors to these bills—S. 2274 and H.R. 4827—include Reps. Don Beyer and Rob Wittman.

We need your help in getting these bills passed. Ask your senators and representative to support the bill. Make a call or send a letter.

Congress is in session today, but a path forward is not yet clear. NTEU will provide ongoing updates to union members on our dedicated shutdown pageand through additional emails. You can also watch our Facebook page for new information.

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