Submission Processing Consolidation…Take Action Now!

Submission Processing will Ramp Down September 30, 2019.  That is now less than 3 years away.  What are your plans for October 1, 2019?  Do you wish to continue to work for the IRS?  If not the IRS, are you going to look elsewhere for a job?  Do you wish to retire?  I believe you need to start planning and taking action now for your future.  United Benefits will be here starting November 15th and they have certified retirement counselors that can help you plan for retirement.

If you wish to continue to work, what skills would you need to get another job, even a better job?  We have been working with the Kentucky Employment Center and Gateway College.  Both offer training and classes that can help you qualify for a better job!  Northern Kentucky University is also scheduled for a meeting with us so that we may work with them if you need to get a degree, finish a degree, or just get a few more classes that will qualify you for that dream job you’ve always wanted!

I’ve also been told that Data Transcribers are still in demand.  Hospitals, Insurance companies, doctor’s offices and other companies still need Data Transcribers and we will be glad to assist you finding those positions.

I believe the time for you to prepare for you future is now!  Management wants to wait until late January to start some things; other things won’t happen until a year to six months from the closing.  There is an old saying, the 5 Ps, “Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”  Don’t wait!  Get started now and plan for your future.  It’s better to be prepared and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

NTEU is fighting to save your jobs!  We will continue to fight to save your jobs and/or bring new work here for you.  I promise we will never stop fighting!