TEGE/R&C Concerned About Not Being Permitted to Follow Their Work

Employees who work in Receipt & Control on TEGE work have been told by management that they will not follow their work, and they are none too happy about it.

Management is saying that they are not assigned to TEGE, which is the work they have been doing. TEGE works out of the downtown Cincinnati office and it was hoped these employees would move there when the consolidation occurs. However, they are being told they were never assigned to TEGE, even though at least one employee has documents that apparently show otherwise.

The contract is clear. If work is moved to another location, employees can follow the work. IRS is not required to pay moving expenses for these situations.

Management has apparently realigned the work at some time in the past few years.

“We are saying they should just move it bask to where it was originally,” commented NTEU73 President Rick Riley. “That way it saves all those jobs.

Management has told employees they will have to compete for their jobs when the time comes.

“That is not our position on this issue,” said Mr. Riley. “We will be negotiating everything that happens and this is the kind of situation I have on the front burner. One of our strategies is to move people to different areas other than Submission Processing so that their jobs will not be in jeopardy. That is the logical thing to do and I do not believe management is intentionally trying to cheat these folks out of their jobs.”

A number of employees had come to the flat top union office to voice their concern about this issue. While they want answers, there are none that are definitive at this time.

“Employees have been told something but they have not yet been harmed,” added Mr. Riley.

“Believe me, we are on top of this. It will be negotiated or grieved.”