The Transit Subsidy Payment Process Explained



We want to be sure you get your retroactive transit subsidy payment, so here is what you need to know Current IRS and Chief Counsel employees will be notified by IRS of their eligibility by email with a link to an automated claim form. Claims must be submitted electronically to the IRS within ninety (90) days of notification. All others will be notified by mail.

Experiencing problems completing the automated claim form? Or do you disagree with the information that auto-populates the form? Submit a help ticket to the Employee Resource Center. If an employee disagrees with information that is auto-populated on the form prior to submitting the form, or has other problems completing the automated claim form the employee may open an Employee Resource Center (ERC) ticket and request to reopen the claim form. If an employee has submitted a claim accidentally, or discovers that the claim contains inaccurate information, the employee should promptly submit an ERC ticket requesting to reopen the claim so that it may be recertified accurately. If the employee submits an ERC ticket, the IRS will attempt to resolve the issue informally with the employee. If the issue cannot be resolved, the IRS will notify you in writing of its final determination on the claim.

What if your claim is denied? You have 30 days to dispute it. If the IRS reviews the claim and denies it, the IRS will send the employee an email explaining why it denied the claim. Any disputes over the IRS’s determination regarding an employee’s claim must be submitted to NTEU within 30 days of the date the IRS notifies the employee of its determination regarding the dispute or claim. Email any disputes to

What if your claim is approved? If the IRS reviews the claim and approves it, the employee will be sent an email from the IRS after the payment is processed to tell the employee that the claim submitted was approved. If the employee disagrees with the claim amount identified in the email approval, there is a 30-day period in which to notify NTEU. Email any claim disagreements to

What if the auto-populated form says I am ineligible for all months? If the employee does not agree with the ineligible determination as auto-populated on the form, a ticket may be submitted to ERC for resolution. If the employee chooses not to contact the ERC and wants to dispute the claim, the employee must notify NTEU within 30 days at If a claimant disagrees with the IRS’ written decision on a claim, an appeal must be filed with NTEU within 30 days of receipt of the IRS decision on the claim.

How do I submit an appeal? 1) Your appeal should identify the specific nature of the dispute and must be sent to NTEU at the following email address: 2) NTEU will investigate the claim, and attempt to resolve it informally with the IRS. If such disputes cannot be resolved, NTEU may directly invoke arbitration.