Union Has Christmas Lunch for All Members

The NTEU73 Christmas luncheon was a success! The union served over 1,500 members lunch. President Rick Riley spent hours talking with individuals and groups last week.

“I met several members and had many conversations,” Mr. Riley said.

“The closing of Submission Processing was the biggest concern of the membership,” he added “I explained all the work I am doing on this.”

“Several members came to me and the staff thanking us for reaching out with the Christmas luncheon,” he explained. “Many of them said they never did come to the Christmas Party and that this was really appreciated. Some members had questions why there was no Christmas Party. I explained that the Christmas Party in 2014 cost well over $22,000 and that only about 200 people came, figuring a member plus a guest that was well over $200 per member that attended. Last year’s party cost $15,000 and only 300 people came. Using the same logic of a member plus a guest that figure came out to $100 a member. We learned some lessons regarding the lunch and we will carry that forward. Next year we are hoping to be bigger and better.”

Some members were displeased at this change in the union’s Christmas celebration and even threatened to withdraw as dues-paying members of NTEU73.

“Though perks like the Christmas party are nice, the purpose of dues is to ensure you get fair and equal treatment from management and a voice fighting for you in Washington,” said Steward Sarah Corea. “NTEU has fought for and won bigger raises, performance awards, telework, and many other job related issues. Many members require Union assistance for contractual violations committed by management. Without dues, these benefits would go away.”

“The union is always open to member suggestions, comments and feedback,” added Mr. Riley. “We just want to do things that benefit as many people as possible. We were spending a lot of money and a relative few were benefitting. We will do better next year!”