URGENT Grassroots Update: No Shutdown – Keep the Government Open!

CAUTION: Do not distribute on government property or through government email systems.

Grassroots Update: No Shutdown – Keep the Government Open!

Contact Congress and say “No” to a Third Government Shutdown This Year!

It is critical that all NTEU members contact their members of Congress TODAY and through this week at both Washington, DC and local district offices.

Ask them to ensure that federal agencies stay open for the public, that employees are paid on time, and that their pay is assured by passing legislation that requires all federal employees to be paid as quickly as possible following a shutdown. 

CALL and WRITE your members of Congress today.

For questions or assistance in contacting your members of Congress, contactStacy Casimiro, NTEU’s Director of Legislative Grassroots and Operations. As a reminder, while you may discuss this grassroots campaign on government property, please avoid using the government email system to contact your members of Congress. When sending these letters, please do so on your own time and from a personal device.