Welcome Back to Returning Seasonals!

In late December, seasonal workers began to be called back to work in some areas of Submission Processing. Soon others will be following as the IRS ramps up for another filing season.

Since the seasonal employees were gone during the past few months, the union will be having Meet & Greets with NTEU73 President Rick Riley to update them on what has been going on, in particular regarding the shut down.

“I plan on doing regular updates as there has been a lot going on,” said Mr. Riley. “We will be having some lunch-time meetings in late January or early February and I plan to include night shift.”

One change of which seasonal employees are fast becoming aware is the refusal to grant advanced leave unless the leave can be reasonably paid back before the closing of Submission Processing. This affects even FMLA leave. This should affect only employees who have a large balance of advanced leave that needs to be paid back and should not affect small amounts used.

As usual, seasonal employees have been coming to the union office with release recall issues as well.

“I would like to personally welcome all our seasonals back!” said Mr. Riley. “I know we need them. As always, if you are a member and have any questions or concerns, please come to any union office or call us. We are here to help you with whatever you may need!”