What does it mean to be legislatively active? Is it hard to do? Does it really make a difference?

Those are just a few questions often asked and you might be surprised by the answers. Being legislatively active is easy! If you have a personal computer or smart phone, you can view the Action Center by visiting www.nteu.org, click on Write Congress, select one (or more) of the already pre-populated messages, fill in your personal information and click submit. If you do not wish to add or change anything from the letter, you can send as is. You can make a difference in less than 5 minutes!

All letters focus on Federal employee issues which affect us all and we highly encourage all NTEU members as well as non-members to step up, let your voice be heard and make a difference. No one is exempt from falling victim to Federal Employee attacks so keep sending your letters or consider sending one today!

Concerned about your retirement? There is a letter asking the Members of Congress to oppose the proposals to change the High 3’s to High 5’s. Concerned about Pay Raises? There is a letter for that too.  You will also find letters to the recent proposals to eliminate the union from the work place. Imagine what it would be like to be forced to accept an evaluation that is not indicative of your performance, what it would be like to be suspended or terminated wrongfully, what it would be like to be forced to accept an unwarranted AWOL charge, or what it

would be like NOT to have a union around to fight for your rights, your job, or fair overtime offers, etc! This is what we mean when we say, you can make a difference!

Chapter 73 has a monthly incentive for members who participate by sending letters! Each month, any member who provides a copy of their “Thank you” confirmation to any NTEU office, will be entered in the Send a Letter Contest for a chance to win the monthly give away! It’s a FREE Raffle! The more letters you send, the more chances you will have to win! Let’s hear from you Chapter 73!

Shannon Lovins