When You Retire You Can Remain a Member of NTEU

Remaining a member of NTEU after you retire is only $42 a year! You can even arrange for only $3.50 a month to be deducted from your federal annuity payment. The first year you retire is pro-rated, depending on the month you retire. You keep your right to vote in Chapter elections, and can still take advantage of member discounts! You can also stay informed about what is going on in Congress and the national union in regard to federal employee issues.

NTEU has thousands of retired members, many of whom play an active role in their local chapters in a number of ways including on legislative issues.

NTEU aggressively works on behalf of retirees, seeking to protect federal retirement programs, that seem to be constantly under some sort of Congressional attack. NTEU also fights to boost government’s share of health care premiums as well as Congressional efforts to reduce social security payments.

It is important for not only the people who work here, but those who are retired, that these efforts be continued.

If you would like to remain a member of NTEU after you retire, simply stop in the union office for the forms. It’s easy, it’s economical and it’s important!