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A Word From the President

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Favoritism on Details

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GAO Sleeping at the Wheel

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    A lawmaker looking to block a federal court ruling that allows federal agencies to punish employees who refuse to break rules and regulations introduced a measure this week that would block funding to implement the [...]
  • GAO Sleeping at the Wheel

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    Research suggests that you are more productive when you’ve had adequate sleep. Napping 26 minutes per day can boost performance by as much as 34 percent and alertness by 54 percent. In the private sector [...]
  • NTEU Launches ‘Telling Our Stories’ This week NTEU is launching the latest installment in our long-running public service campaign that will explain to the American public how your work improves their daily lives. We’re calling [...]
  • Election 2018

    October 4, 2017 0
    With the Election coming in April 2018 it is important that you update your home address so that you may receive the nomination forms and ballots.  If  you don’t want to do it yourself here [...]
  • Tony discusses IRS funding problems and other issues on this podcast. (America’s Work Force Radio, July 6). Click here to listen  (Tony’s segment begins at the 15:35 marks and ends around 40:25) Share this:Click to [...]