IRS Messages Have You Confused? Here is Some Clarification

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The Great Pullman Strike of 1894 and the History of Labor Day

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Don’t Lose Touch With Us

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A Message from NTEU

National NTEU News
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  • We want to be sure you get your retroactive transit subsidy payment, so here is what you need to know Current IRS and Chief Counsel employees will be notified by IRS of their eligibility by [...]

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    Key Federal Employee Legislation You Should Know in 2018 As federal employees, you face significant ongoing scrutiny and threats to your jobs, pay, benefits, and rights from Congress. NTEU is on Capitol Hill advocating for you [...]
  • As of this afternoon, there is no clear path forward with Congress and the administration to end the government shutdown. While those efforts continue, you and other federal employees are suffering through uncertainty and confusion. [...]
  • Article 36 of the parties National Agreement covers emergency situations such as the wrecks on the highways this morning. Section 15 (A) says in part, “An emergency situation is one which is general rather than [...]
  • NTEU’s Legislative Advisory Committee met January 9 in Washington, D.C., to recommend the union’s priorities for the 115th Congress. This meeting was in preparation for the 2017 NTEU Legislative Conference, in which NTEU representatives across [...]