Enjoy a day with your team at Fall-O-Ween

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Federal Employees: Telling Our Stories

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IRS Messages Have You Confused? Here is Some Clarification

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The Great Pullman Strike of 1894 and the History of Labor Day

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  • Hi Everyone! I am Debbie Mullikin or djm if you have gotten an email from me. I am your Shiny, New, Chapter President of NTEU73. I have big plans for the chapter. I have discussed [...]
  •   In this issue: Right to Work is the Right to Work for Less Goodbye to Rick Riley Steward Spotlight Women’s History NTEU Stewards New Members Member Discounts $300,000 For Denied Reassignment Officer Election THE [...]
  • CAUTION: Do not distribute on government property or through government email systems. Contact Congress and say, “No to Another Government Shutdown!” It is critical that all NTEU members contact their members of Congress in both [...]
  • Once a year, each NTEU chapter attends a National Training Conference. The training is crucial for stewards, new and seasoned, because it gives us information directly from NTEU National. One of the big topics this [...]
  • NTEU National President Tony Reardon has been scheduled to visit the Covington Campus on February 1, 2016. Mr. Reardon last visited the Fourth Street Center on the morning after the shutdown was announced and at [...]