Events Planned for Employees at IRS

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NTEU73 Steward Spotlight – February

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From the Desk of the President

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Early Retirement for You?

Retirement News
February 18, 2017 0
  • NTEU has received updated information from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regarding the recent data breaches that have affected federal employees and retirees. OPM has posted newly-updated information and materials, including new FAQs, on [...]
  • In this edition: Inside this Issue From the Chapter President’s Desk.. Internal Hires Grieved Good Manager Chapter Meeting Budget Steward Training Awards Payouts Click here for the latest edition of The Force Share this:Click to [...]
  • September edition of The Force: President Rick Riley Announces New Policy Regarding Non-Members Telework Approved in Compliance Union Grieves Management Handling of Flood Union Wins Over Homeland Security Local Attraction Discounts Announced Read all about [...]
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    A lawmaker looking to block a federal court ruling that allows federal agencies to punish employees who refuse to break rules and regulations introduced a measure this week that would block funding to implement the [...]
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    The Obama administration on Tuesday threatened to veto a House spending bill that would cut funding for the Internal Revenue Service by $236 million. (Naomi Jagoda, The Hill, June 21). Share this:Click to print [...]