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A Word From the President

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Favoritism on Details

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GAO Sleeping at the Wheel

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  •   In this issue: NTEU 73 Wins Inclement Weather Grievance Shut Down Looms A Word from Our President Christmas Party Pics Photos continued NTEU Endorses Bills for Federal Pay New Treasurer 2018 1.9% Pay Raise [...]
  • Kris Beach is the NTEU73 Good Manager of the Month for June. Kris works in Receipt & Control Deposit in the teller unit. Kris’s employees gave many great compliments on her management style: “Kris is [...]
  • 2018 Contribution Limits

    October 26, 2017 0
    (October 25, 2017) The Internal Revenue Code places specific limits on the amount that you can contribute to employer-sponsored plans like the TSP each year. The limits for 2018 have been announced. To learn more, [...]
  • To be eligible to separate with a VSIP, an employee must: Be serving under an appointment without time limitation; Be currently employed by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government for a continuous period of [...]

    May 17, 2018 0
    There’s a new twist on the latest phone scams about taxes that are targeting everyone even IRS employees In the latest attacks, the scammer claims to be calling from an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center location. They program [...]