Enjoy a day with your team at Fall-O-Ween

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Federal Employees: Telling Our Stories

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IRS Messages Have You Confused? Here is Some Clarification

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The Great Pullman Strike of 1894 and the History of Labor Day

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  • By Rick Riley, President, NTEU73 As we announced earlier this week, we have signed the initial Agreement with management on the closing of our Submission Processing Center. Now that this Agreement has been signed, the [...]
  • Chillin’

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    The NTEU73 Executive Board was having a meeting, (on our own time.) My phone started buzzing. A Steward was letting me know Inspector Shelton was in the office staring at a female steward making both [...]
  • National President Tony Reardon sent a letter to key congressional leaders requesting congressional hearings on the premium rate surge for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLCTIP). These price hikes not only jeopardize enrollees’ [...]
  • In this edition: Inside this Issue From the Chapter President’s Desk.. Internal Hires Grieved Good Manager Chapter Meeting Budget Steward Training Awards Payouts Click here for the latest edition of The Force Share this:Click to [...]
  • Update your contact info anytime in June and you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing to win a great prize. Log in to NTEU.org and click on the yellow box in the right corner, and [...]