A Message from NTEU

As we prepare for a final holiday weekend of summer, I want to take a moment to honor what the spirit of Labor Day is all about.

For generations, hardworking Americans organized and stood up for the idea of fairness for themselves and for their colleagues. NTEU is proud to be part of this long history. Those early labor fights brought us important benefits and protections we take for granted today—such as the 40-hour work week, weekends, Family and Medical Leave, overtime pay, workers’ compensation and much more. These victories helped many build a strong future for their families.

For 80 years, NTEU and our members have honored this legacy. And the fight wages on. Our mission is to protect and advance federal workers and to provide a voice in what you do every day.

On Labor Day and every day, be proud of all you do for our country, both as a federal employee and an NTEU member. Thank you for your continued service.




Tony Reardon
National President