Annual reminder for members enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

As has occurred in recent years, individuals with employer-sponsored health insurance, including the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), will soon receive tax forms verifying health insurance enrollment for calendar year 2017.  Under the Affordable Care Act as enacted, employers and health insurance carriers, including federal agencies and FEHBP plans, are responsible for reporting employee health coverage information to the IRS.  IRS Form 1095-B is the form insurance carriers are to provide to individuals and IRS Form 1095-C is the form employers are to provide to employees.

If you have any questions about the 1095-B form, or notice inaccurate or missing information (or never receive one), you are to contact your specific health insurance carrier.  Please note that it is the health insurance company’s responsibility to answer questions about the 1095-B form and to issue any needed corrected 1095-Bs, and not the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or individual federal agencies.

             Additionally, current federal employees will receive the IRS Form 1095-C from their employing agency documenting whether their employer did or did not provide them with health care coverage.  Employees should contact their employing agency with any problems with the 1095-C form.  A designated phone number for the agency will be provided on Line 10 of this form.  Federal retirees will not receive the 1095-C tax form unless they were actively employed for some portion of the previous year (these individuals should also contact their former agency with any issues with the 1095-C form, and not OPM).  Please see attached additional information from OPM for both federal employees and retirees who are enrolled in FEHBP.

Anthony M. Reardon




National President