By: Dean Curry

With the impending consolidation of the Cincinnati Submission Processing Center scheduled for September 28, 2019, a consolidation committee was created to provide assistance and guidance to all impacted employees. The committee is made up of some very hard working and dedicated members from both management and NTEU. This is truly a partnership and we are working together on all areas of concerns. Karen Walsh, Thomascina Braswell, and Tanesha McCants represent NTEU on the committee. Joining them are Melanie Stansfield, Receipt & Control, Darlene Mason, Document Perfection, Andrea Weber, Data Conversion, Mary Stansbury, Input Correction, and Angela Steffen, Accounting. Rick Baker, the Assistant Director is joining the committee while he is on detail, as well as Michelle Bell, who was on detail as the Acting Site Coordinator before returning to her home position in the SPEC organization.

The committee has reached out to the other business units remaining in Covington and we have representatives from Accounts Management, Campus Collections, and Campus Exam. Those representatives are Sabrina Ishmael, Nena LaFollette, and Sherri Davis, respectively. They are actively providing information about job opportunities and skill sets required for their respective areas.

The Consolidation Committee’s primary focus has been the creation of a resource center, available for all impacted employees. As a result of the team’s efforts, on June 12, 2017 the Cincinnati Submission Processing Center will officially open the Consolidation Resource Center. This room is referred to as “The CORE Room”, Career Opportunity & Resource Engagement Room. The CORE Room is located in Room 111A near door 18 of the 4th Street Center.

The CORE Room will have updated listings of current job openings, both internal IRS positions and externals within the various local communities. Training materials will be available for resume writing, applying for positions within USAJobs, VERA/VSIP, and retirement options found through the Government & Retirement Benefits (GRB) Platform. Subject matter experts will be available to assist employees in each of these areas, either on-site or by appointment. Donna King, from the Human Capital Office, will also be on-site in the CORE Room a couple days a week to provide assistance to employees with specific questions or concerns.

The Consolidation Committee is also working with the Southwest Ohio and the Northern Kentucky Departments of Labor to set up job fairs and job training. We will continue to work with NTEU to set up various Lunch and Learn sessions. Some topics will include resume writing and financial planning. These events are being planned on day shift, night shift, and in Florence. As these events are set up, announcements will be sent out to keep employees informed.

The Consolidation Committee is setting up an Outlook Mailbox account for all employees to ask questions about the CORE Room or to set up appointments with subject matter experts. The e-mail address will be shared with all employees within the first weeks of June. Employees can email the team directly, or have your manager or NTEU steward send an email on your behalf.
The Consolidation Committee is always looking for assistance. If you are willing to share your expertise, time, and talents, please see your committee representative and put your name forward. We have lots for you to do.