Medical mask on white background.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, FEEA has been able to order a limited number of washable, reusable masks* to share with frontline feds who need them.

If you are a federal civilian or postal employee in a position that interacts face-to-face with the public, or you have returned to a workplace with other employees, we would like to send you one free mask. We’d like to help keep you safe at work! Register now to receive your mask.

Medical mask on white background.

Due to the limited availability of masks, right now we are giving priority to those feds who are at increased risk of exposure due to their job duties or work location. If supplies are available after serving these frontline feds, FEEA will open the program to other federal employees.

*These aren’t N95 masks, so they’re not suitable for use in medical or other high-risk applications.