Labor Day

Labor Unions Matter

Is NOT the end of summer. That occurs on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022.  Labor Day is a federal holiday to honor and recognize the American labor movement as well as the work and contributions of laborers.  It is important to remember and celebrate the many people who have ensured a safe and equitable workplace. 

The purpose of a labor union is to come together, as a group, to decide what constitutes economic justice, reasonable work hours, appropriate benefits packages, a safe workplace and many other issues, then to work together as a unit to get that for its members.  On a day to day basis, stewards all over the United States, strive to assist workers with issues in their employment.  These can be as small as helping get leave approved and as big as saving 800 jobs in a ramp down. 

 Union Stewards are only one part of a labor union.  Members are the most important element of a successful union.  You can write to your Congressional Representatives regarding legislation that impacts your work environment.  Contact your union when things happen so we can address them, timely.  Ensure your manager is following the contract requires that you and your steward tackle stuff when it happens. 

This type of everyday activism makes our work lives better.

Debbie Mullikin