On the Hill: Legislation and Procedures of Concern to Federal Employees

Below is a short round-up of some new legislation.

H.R. 5355
Containing NTEU-supported language, this bill aims to clarify and protect certain due process rights of federal employees who are serving in sensitive positions. This bipartisan bill, if passed, would reverse the Kaplan v. Conyers Federal Circuit Court decision prohibiting the Merit Systems Protection Board from reviewing decisions made by an agency over the eligibility of employees to occupy sensitive positions. The decision could leave employees serving in sensitive positions with little ability to ensure that adverse actions taken against them are legally appropriate. NTEU has worked to change this decision since August 2014 and strongly supports the passage of this bill.

The Holman Rule
NTEU joined forces with other federal employee organizations in a letter to House members opposing reinstatement of this archaic, anti-federal employee rule. First enacted in 1876 and abandoned in 1983, the rule allows amendments on appropriation measures that seek to reduce the number federal employee positions at agencies. It also allows for amendments that reduce or zero out individual federal employee salaries and compensation. The Holman Rule was first resurrected last year in January 2017 for the duration of the calendar year. The rule is now in effect for 2018, and NTEU is monitoring very closely any attempts to use the Holman Rule. Read the letter here.