Social Media

Since March of 2020, social media was one of the few ways we communicated with our friends and family.  We were allowed to telework for fear of contracting COVID 19 in our building.  We were told that spending time in person with friends and family could cause an infection of the deadly disease.  We were prohibited to visit sick loved ones in the hospital. If our loved one passed away, we were told it was safer if we did not go to the funeral.  Our kids and grandkids had a virtual graduation. Restaurants and National Parks closed. Store shelves were empty.  It was some of the saddest times I remember.

Isolation can cause sadness, fear, anxiety, frustration, and even anger.  Because we are social beings these conditions could be reflected in our posts on Facebook.  Expressing your feelings is absolutely part of your freedom of speech. However, like everything, there is a time and appropriate content for your posts.

Here are a few examples of what not to do.  These examples could lead to an internal investigation.  Do not post things during working hours.  Do not threaten or try to intimidate co-workers or management by name. Do not post things like current pictures of vacation while you are on FMLA or sick leave.  Do not post a picture of yourself or someone else in the workplace.  Even if you work from home, you could have PPI in the background in your home office.  Do not post things about your second job unless you already have permission to work that job.

Be responsible and respectful in all your posts.  It could help to make your posts private to keep down the spread of content that is not intended for everyone.

As the seasons change and we are approaching warmer weather, the restrictions for COVID 19 are changing also.  I know that Covid has different variants that are not as deadly as the first round of the disease. It appears more like a flu instead of a deadly disease. The buildings will open back up so the feeling of isolation will not be such an issue. Our family and friends are safe now. Masks sometimes do not need to be worn in our building and in public.  It is time to get back outdoors and enjoy life.  I am glad that I experienced this in my lifetime.  It gives me a greater appreciation for the freedoms we all have in this great country.

Janet Colwell