Steward Spotlight – April 2018

​Working hard for NTEU 73 Members

Aaron Davis

Trisha Lawrence

Charlene Keith

Aaron is a 34 year old Air Force Veteran.
He previously served as a union steward for AFGE (The American Federation of Government Employees). Aaron has
successfully assisted several employees with grievance proceedings and other employee concerns such as appraisal
ratings reviews and AWOL. Aaron is driven to help develop a fair and equitable work environment for IRS employees.
Trisha began her career at The IRS in 2017 as a Contact Representative. She became a steward because she believes in
fairness in the workplace.  She wants to be a strong voice for her coworkers and peers. She looks forward to getting to know
Charlene has been a steward since July 2017. Her goal is to protect employee’s rights and see them walk away knowing we have fought hard on their behalf. Representing people has always been her passion.

Erin Cooper

Sarah Baker

Dennis Stone

Erin has been an IRS employee for 7 years and a steward since 2013. Throughout her time as a steward she has dealt with many complex issues. She looks forward to assisting members. Sarah started at The IRS in January 2014 in Receipt and Control. She recently became a Contact Representative. She decided to become a steward after witnessing injustices in the workplace. Her goal is to open the pathway to getting the members what they need. Dennis is The Swing-Shift Chief Steward and has been a steward for 3 years, serving both Gateway and 4th Street. His primary focus is on giving members proper representation. He has been instrumental in negotiating with management to get positive resolutions that adhere to employee’s rights regarding FMLA, AWOL, and Performance Evaluations. To Dennis, The NTEU member and their success come first!