NTEU73 has taken ACTION!!!

letter-writingHere is a list of the things NTEU73 has done in the first week after we heard about the consolidation:

  • Within one hour, NTEU73 had a Force Alerton the tables of both break rooms in the flat top. It included the statement from National President Tony Reardon.
  • Within two hours this information had been posted on Facebook, Twitter and the NTEU73 web site. It has since been sent to the legislative email list. A letter has been added to CapWiz for members to send to their Congressmen and Senators.
  • Last Wednesday afternoon, NTEU73 President Rick Riley called the mayor of Covington to get their support. He also had a discussion with our national field reps per teleconference.
  • Thursday morning Debbie Mullikin conducted an excellent training for stewards so that they would be better prepared to answer employee questions.
  • Thursday morning a press release was sent to WCPO, WXIX, WLWT, WKRC, 700WLW and 55KRC. Included was the Force Alert and the statement of the National President.
  • Thursday afternoon, information was taken and distributed in Florence about the shutdown. NTEU73 also met with a group of employees there.
  • Thursday afternoon NTEU73 talked to WKRC-TV and they will be talking to Rick Riley and Tony Reardon about the shutdown.
  • At 8am on Friday morning NTEU National President Tony Reardon met with the staff and stewards of NTEU73 about the shutdown.
  • Monday morning a Force Alert was issued about eh visit from National President Tony Reardon. Mr. Reardon has committed to coming back and meeting with employees as more news becomes available. He has asked for a briefing from the IRS.
  • Local news articles about the shutdown have been posted on the chapter Facebook page. (Official NTEU Chapter 73)
  • Rick Riley and other members of the NTEU73 staff were  in the flat top cafeteria three different days during lunch to talk to employees about their issues and answer their questions. Letters were available for union members to sign for their Congressmen which will be hand delivered.
  • NTEU73 is preparing a special edition of The Force that will be in addition to the regular edition. It will deal solely with the shutdown and things employees can do to soften the impact and help get it stopped.
  • At labor Recognition next week, Rick Riley and Attorney Will Igoe were there to answer employees questions specifically about the shutdown. Congressional letters were available to be signed by employees.
  • Appointments are being set with area representatives to enlist their support.
  • Force Alerts will be issued as new information becomes available.